What is NextGen TV?

Keith Dunlap
Keith Dunlap
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NextGenTV, also known as ATSC 3.0, is a broadcast system that’s been designed to prove the viewing experience of consumers as they watch television. 

What are features of NextGen TV?

NextGen TV aims to have the following enhanced features for users:

  • Better video quality with brighter colors. 
  • Better audio quality
  • More interaction through personalized viewer’s guide, bonus content, alerts and other information.

How can I get NextGen TV?

Here’s are steps to obtaining NextGen TV:

  • Check availability by viewing this coverage map. https://www.watchnextgentv.com/markets/
  • Look for a NextGen TV logo on the brands committing to delivering new enhanced features.
  • Use your TV’s built-in antenna or connect an external one to scan for NextGenTV channels. 
  • Connect to the internet to get access to all the interactive features. 

For more on NextGen TV, click on the link below.

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