How to edit or get added to WSLS closings system

Lauren Helkowski
Lauren Helkowski
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Click here if you're looking to register your school/business/church/etc. into our closings system.

In order to update your status through our phone or web-based system, you MUST have your organization ID number AND your password.

If you've previously requested an ID and password, you will receive a response to your request via e-mail within 10 days.

Beginning in 2019, we have discontinued our phone system and all status changes must be submitted online.

Use the website: (Please note: the 's' in 'https' is necessary)

  • Enter your organization ID number and password
  • Click "Change Status" to the right of your Organization ID and Password
  • Select the closing status from the drop-down that reads "Make Status In-active."
  • Optional: Select a time and date you would like the message to expire
    • For example: if you are closing a school at 2 p.m. on the same day you are entering the closing, you may change the expiration date and time to reflect 4 p.m. on the same day.
  • Click "Change Status" below the expiration date

We no longer accept "Status 2" entries to our system

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